5 Ways For Dog Lovers To Cut Down on Allergens in the House

Posted by Mandi on Sep 30th 2019

Just like humans, dogs can be pretty sensitive to allergens. They can become sick and will need veterinary care. With some attention to detail, this can all be avoided. Here are some ways that you can cut down on allergens in your home.

1. Leave your shoes outside

We walk everywhere in our shoes, and we bring in so many germs from the outside. When you come home, leave your shoes in the garage or the mudroom. This will avoid bringing in unnecessary germs, dirt, and allergens. Dogs are very susceptible to these germs because they are close to the floor, and eat food off the floor. If you leave your shoes outside, you will decrease the chances of your dog getting sick. You will also keep your floors clean!

2. Eliminate candles

Although they're pretty, candles contain lots of chemicals that can cause illness. They can cause asthma and other breathing problems, and can actually cause new allergies to form. You should stop lighting candles in your home to avoid this. If you really love candles and want to continue to use them, buy soy candles instead. Soy candles have been tested and don't have the chemicals that regular chemicals have. The only issue would be if you or your dog have an allergy to soy.

3. Keep plants outside

Many people love houseplants and enjoy tending to a variety of plants. Some plants, like poinsettias, are lethal for animals and should never be kept inside. Other plants are considered harmless but still contain allergens like pollen. To avoid bringing unnecessary allergens into your home, keep your plants outside.

Keep in mind that when you're walking your dog, you still need to be wary of unknown plants. Most plants, if ingested, are harmless, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true if you live in an area that is heavily wooded. Always be careful and have your dog's safety in mind.

4. Clean your home often

Dust is a very common allergen and is hard to completely eliminate. To keep the dust in your home to a minimum, clean surfaces and floors routinely. Also clean things that you may neglect like fans, lamps, chandeliers, and chairs. Also, when you're cleaning, don't use harsh chemicals. Cleaning with a damp rag or just a Swiffer is just as effective, and won't bring harsh chemicals into your home.

5. Groom your dogs

Just like you can bring allergens into your home, so can your dogs! They go for walks and get germs and allergens on their fur. If you have a fence and you let your dogs roam outside by themselves, they may start sniffing in something that you don't know about. To ensure that your dogs are clean and healthy, you should bring them to the groomer regularly. Groomers will also look for ticks, which is a vital precaution to take if you live anywhere near the woods. Ticks are everywhere and if your dog has thick fur, it can be hard to notice a tick.

In between visits to the groomer, you should brush your dog and get any pollen and dirt out of his fur. You can also use a comb to get out hard knots. By brushing your dog once or twice a week, you can avoid bringing lots of germs into your home. If you have time to brush your dog more often than that, go right ahead! The more often, the better.


Germs and allergens are very common and are easily brought into your home. Use these tips to eliminate these allergens and to create a safer environment for your family and your pets. As time goes on, these strategies will become habit, and you will see a positive change in the way you feel.