How to Teach Your Dog to Love the Water

How to Teach Your Dog to Love the Water

Posted by Mandi on Sep 30th 2019

Some dogs love to swim, while others are hesitant to get in the water. Whether a dog feels comfortable being in the water and swimming can depend on the breed, but even more so on the dog's personality. Every dog is different, and it can be challenge to teach your dog how to love the water. Here are a few tips to get started.

1. Let your dog be around water

Take your dog to the beach, lake, or pool with you. Let him get his feet wet, and let him see you having fun in the water. Seeing you swimming around will help him to understand that water is safe, and that he can feel comfortable being around it.

2. Incorporate water into daily life

Buy a sprinkler and set it up in your backyard. Let your dog play in it and have fun with it. If you don't have a big backyard, you can bring the sprinkler to the park and let your dog play there. You can also buy a shallow plastic baby pool and let your dog play in the water a few times a week. The more you incorporate water in your dog's life, the more he will feel safe and calm around it.

3. Ease into it

You should introduce water to your dog slowly and see how he reacts. This is true for a puppy, or an adult dog. No matter how old your dog is, he might be afraid of going into water. The more patient you are with him, the more likely he will progress. You should never force your dog to get into water immediately, as this could result to a life threatening situation. To be as safe as possible, you should take it slow and let your dog feel comfortable at his own pace.

4. Bring your dog to a doggy swim class

Swimming is often part of dog training classes. If you think your dog would benefit from taking a class, sign him up and see how it goes. Dog training teachers are educated professionals and know exactly how to train dogs correctly. They can even give you a few tips on how you can implement the training and introduce water to your dog in a proper way.

5. Your dog can learn from other dogs

It may help your dog to see other dogs swimming and having fun in the water. This is one of the benefits of taking a training class. Your dog will be in a class with other dogs and will be able to see them swimming and having fun, and it will make him want to join in. Dogs learn from each other and are influenced by each other, and it may help your dog significantly to see other dogs in the water.

6. Always keep an eye on your dog

Whenever you go to a body of water with your dog, you should always have your eye on him. Even the most experienced doggy swimmers can drown, and it is imperative to prevent that from happening. While you are teaching your dog to swim, you should keep a close watch on him. When you dog feels comfortable in the water and is swimming on his own, you should still keep a close watch on him. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and your dog's life is precious. In the midst of the fun and excitement of swimming, make sure your dog is safe at all times.

In conclusion...

Teaching your dog to love water may seem like a difficult task, but don't worry. There are plenty of ways you can introduce water to your dog and make him feel safe and happy. Swimming is a survival skill that every dog should know, and by teaching your dog to swim, you are giving him the best life possible.