Fifty Shades of Cream AKA Steel

Short Bio:

Fifty Shades of Cream Aka Steel. He is our Lilac and Tan covered in Cream. His Dna Ata dd bb ee kyky nn. NO PIED NO BRINDLE. He weights 23 pounds and is short and coby. He is 4 panel Heath tested and clear, cystinuria type- 3 clear ,Cone-Rod Dystrophy 1 clear and Ofa certified from congenital cardiac disease. He is sired by the Famous Mr Kipling. His pedigree is loaded with legends, Morganzbullz My Lilac Fawn( ROLEX), The Golden Prophet Eli, 2x Beast, 2x Bolt and 4x Topaz. Shipping available worldwide. Located in Texas. Our page is Lee Lashay Elite Frenchies . Proven Stud.For more information on Steel please reach out to our friends on Facebook at Lee LeShay Elite Frenchies.

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Cream covered Lilac and Tan Quad Carrier
Ata dd bb ee kyky nn. NO PIED NO BRINDLE