Breeder Advice

Mar 25th 2020

More advice for breeders in this time of uncertainty.

Q: What’s the most important thing you’d tell breeders right now?

A: What I would tell breeders right off the bat is to stay in as close communication with your veterinarian as you can, and to work with them on how you’re going to get vet support. I would also tell breeders to find out if vet care is considered an “essential business” in your state.

Q: What would you tell breeders with a litter?

A: If you have a litter on the ground, the two most important things are (1) how are we going to socialize this puppy, because this is time you can’t get back, and (2) staying in very close contact with your buyers and helping them in any way to get their puppy.

Q: Finally, what would you tell breeders trying to decide whether to breed?

A: If you have an upcoming litter or are thinking about breeding, make sure you have a plan in place with your veterinarians in case you need assistance or a c-section.