French Bulldog Facts

French Bulldog Facts

Mar 25th 2020

The French Bulldog has become more and more popular over the years. WELL, if you haven’t jumped on the Frenchie bandwagon just yet, these 15 facts about the playful breed will no doubt have you jumping on board in no time!

1.The French Bulldog isn’t really French. The breed actually originated in and around Nottingham, England, which was the center of lace making. This small bulldog was a companion to the lace makers and ratter-in-chief. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in England, cottage industries such as lace making were threatened by mechanization, and many lace makers relocated to France. Naturally, they took their dogs with them, and it wasn’t long before the French fell in love with the breed.

2.The French Bulldog, or “Bouledouge Francais,” became associated with Parisian nightlife, artists, ladies of the evening, and bon vivants. Toulouse-Lautrec even put a Frenchie in several of his paintings.

3.French Bulldogs are surprisingly great watch dogs. They are not typically excessive barkers, but they can have a territorial streak, so if your Frenchie barks, you’d better pay attention. He may be alerting you that someone’s there.

4.Big cities love Frenchies. In fact, it’s the topped ranked breed in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and West Palm Beach.

5.Frenchies can snore and some are rather loud at it. Additionally, “Wheat products are known to be flatulence producing in some French Bulldogs.” At least you can honestly blame the dog next time!

6.Besides snoring, they make all sorts of snorts, grunts, yips, and other odd noises. If only Rosetta Stone taught Frenchie-language!

7.French Bulldogs can be extremely hard headed. You won’t win a battle of wills, but positive, patient, and consistency — especially with food rewards — is effective. However, even after they learn a trick or behavior, they may do their own interpretation of it.

8.They do the “Frenchie 500,” which is their version of the zoomies. They may circle the coffee table or jump on and off the furniture, and it will always be exuberant.

9.French Bulldogs have a huge celebrity following. Martha Stewart’s Frenchies are frequently featured on her blog; Lady Gaga, Dwayne Johnson, and Hilary Duff are all French Bulldog owners, as is Hugh Jackman, among other stars.

10. French Bulldogs are sensitive. If you scold a Frenchie, he’s likely to take it to heart and may mope around the house for a while.

11.If a Frenchie doesn’t want to go where you want him to go, he can turn into dead weight at the end of a leash. It’s amazing how heavy a little 25-pound dog can become!

12.With a mischievous sense of humor, Frenchies are enormously entertaining.

13.They’re great with kids. They’re sturdy enough, even for toddlers, playful, affectionate, loyal, and adaptable. Of course, children need to be taught how to play with a dog, regardless of breed.

14.Plan on buying lots of toys; a Frenchie is a toy terminator, and enjoys ripping out stuffing and squeakers. Be careful what toys you choose for him and avoid ones that could be choking hazards.

15.Their personalities are as large as their big bat ears. There’s a lot of dog packed into that compact body. Adaptable, loving, smart, and mischievous, the French Bulldog is pretty much irresistible!