Holiday Dog Treat Warning

Holiday Dog Treat Warning

Dec 6th 2020

Just a little warning regarding the Christmas treat many stores are now starting to stock for dogs at Christmas.

Many of these so called “treats” end up with the dog "enjoying" some time in a vet’s office over Christmas.

The vast majority of these rawhide products and treats come from China.

The chews are made from cattle or horse hides and their journey starts with the hides being soaked in a toxic sodium sulphide to remove the hair and fat. More chemicals are used in order to split the hide into layers which is then washed with hydrogen peroxide to give the white "pure" look and remove the rancid smell.

Now comes the pretty festive colors and the glue to form cute shapes.

On testing, these chews have shown traces of arsenic, mercury, chromium and formaldehyde.

If that wasn't bad enough, they regularly cause intestinal blockages, poisoning from chemical residue and choking.

The chews get slippery when wet and are near impossible to get hold of to save a choking dog.

Leave them in the shop where they belong or if some well meaning person buys them for your dog put them safely away for later, then dispatch in the bin!

Please be safe with your dogs!