How to ensure that I’m buying a healthy French Bulldog puppy?

How to ensure that I’m buying a healthy French Bulldog puppy?

Posted by Mandi on Jun 19th 2019

If you are in the midst of researching breeders where and how you are going to be buying your French Bulldog puppy, you may already be aware of how much research goes into the process. There are hundreds of French Bulldog breeders across the country. Some are wonderful and will ensure that you have the healthiest possible pup and the best possible experience in working with them.

Unfortunately, there are many others out there that are mistreating dogs and trying to make a quick dollar off of selling unhealthy and or poorly treated French Bulldogs. If you encounter a breeder that you think may be up to foul play, contact other the local authorities in that area to make sure those dogs are safe.

If you are concerned about getting deceived by a potentially unethical breeder, here are some steps that you can take to ensure that you are getting a healthy French Bulldog.

1) Health Certifications

As a major part of the process of working with a breeder, breeder’s should offer you any and all health information on the puppy that you are interested in purchasing. This can include records of any veterinary visits, previous or existing health issues, health concerns, and official forms of verification to show that you have a healthy and happy puppy.

2) Pedigree

A reputable breeder should always offer information about the puppy or the litters pedigree. A good breeder will have detailed information on the parents of the litter and a great breeder will even have that information on the grandparents of the breed. Since healthy French Bulldogs can cost as much as a used vehicle or a downpayment on a new car, you need to make sure that you have as much information as possible on the parents and grandparents of your future puppy.

3) Information about Dog Personalities and Parent Personalities

Great breeders will go above and beyond to give you all of the information that you could possibly want and need about the health and nature of your future puppy. This will often include descriptions on the personalities and behaviours of both of the parents, your puppy, and the other puppies in the litter. A detailed description of the personality of the family members will give you an idea of what kind of demeanor that you can expect to see from your pup and reassure you that you are working with a breeder that cares.

Get a description of the personalities of the parents as well as the activities that they enjoy. Are they calm or energetic? Playful or relaxed? Laid back, or love their routine? This is all important information for you to have about your pup.

4) Visit the Breeder in Person

You should be immediately skeptical of any breeder that does not extend the invite to you to come to visit their home or where they breed their dogs. If they are vague in any way or only offer shipping options without giving you the option to come to visit in person, you may be encountering a breeding scam.

Your breeder should be an open book when it comes to visiting the puppies in person and welcoming you into their home so that you can see them for yourself. We believe it is absolutely critical that you visit French Bulldog pups in person, especially since they are going to be new members of your family.

5) Background Check

A reputable breeder will make sure that they run a background check on anyone who may be purchasing from them. This is a sign that the breeder cares about who their dogs are going to, as they want to make sure that you or any part involved does not have a history of reported animal neglect or abuse.

6) Contracts

Your breeder should have several pieces of important paperwork and contracts include a requirement that you take your puppy to the vet within a certain number of days of getting them and that you report back to them on the results of that check-up.

If you would spot anything that may create doubt in the credibility of a breeder, try verifying their information and reputation with previous customers. If you have a hard time finding their previous customers and they will not provide a list of those, this should raise some serious skepticism about the breeder you are speaking with.