How to Maintain Your Bulldog to Reach a Long Life

How to Maintain Your Bulldog to Reach a Long Life

Posted by Mandi on Aug 19th 2019

Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds as they have a carefree disposition and are so lovable. They are great for homes or apartments as they aren’t very large and they don’t shed terribly as they have short hair. If you own a bulldog, you are no doubt trying to give them the best quality of life possible. Keep reading for some tips on keeping your bulldogs healthy and happy so that they may have a long life.

Healthy Food

If possible, the best kind of food to give to your bulldog is fresh raw meat, cooked whole grains like rice or barley and cooked vegetables such as green beans, carrots or peas. Of course, you can give your dog store-bought food as well but try to avoid those that use meat as the first ingredient, rather than using lots of grains or by-products. The more nutritious food that your dog is given, the healthier he will be. Most bulldogs do well with just once a day feedings, as you want to be careful to avoid them becoming overweight.


All dogs need their exercise, and bulldogs are no exception. In order to keep your dog in shape, as well as keeping him from becoming bored or irritated from being cooped up inside, take him for at least one walk a day. Don’t worry about making it a long walk, as bulldogs can become easily tired. Allow the dog to set the pace. Take him to different spots in order that he can socialize with new dogs, as well as keep him interested in walking. Bulldogs also love playing tug of war or catch. These simple things help them release some of their energy, as well as give them stimulation. As you keep an exercise routine for your bulldog, keep in mind that their breed is prone to breathing problems and joint issues.

Proper Grooming

Although they have short hair, bulldogs still need to be brushed about once a week. There is no need to bathe them more than once a month or two with a mild shampoo, as the oils in their skin naturally help to keep them clean. It is important, however, to make sure that the folds and wrinkles are kept clean and dry in order to prevent infections. Clean out their ears with a mixture of vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water. Wipe their eyes as needed, as they too are prone to infections.

Preventative Care

Upon buying your bulldog, you should make sure that they have been given the proper vaccinations, or set up an appointment with your local veterinarian. Monthly doses of medication may be needed such as heartworm medication and/or flea and tick prevention. Talk to your vet about when to administer these medications, as well as the best brands to use.

Keep Them on a Routine

With most pets, repetition is a helpful way of keeping them healthy and happy. Of course, sometimes doing a different activity with your bulldog now and then is always a good idea. But try to keep your weekly routine consistent so that your dog will stay calm and well behaved. On the whole, bulldogs are pretty easy-going dogs and are open to change. Still, keep in mind that any animal can experience stress when undergoing major changes.

We all want to keep man’s best friend as healthy and active as possible. By keeping your bulldog well fed, active, groomed and socialized, you and your bulldog are much more likely to a long and happy life together.