Popular Bully: What Makes A French Bulldog Such a Popular Breed?

Popular Bully: What Makes A French Bulldog Such a Popular Breed?

Posted by Mandi on May 13th 2019

There are so many reasons French Bulldogs have become popular that they could easily fill the pages of several books. We will focus on the top ten reasons that Frenchies are becoming more popular with each passing year.

1. Frenchies Are the Best of the Bulldog Breeds For Dog Owners with Limited Space

Though the official name of the breed is “Bouledouge Francais”, most people call them miniature bulldogs so if you have small living space but are a big lover of bulldogs then the Frenchie is definitely your Bulldog!!

2. French Bulldogs Are a Symbol of Paris in Its Golden Era

Nightlife in Paris holds an almost mythical status for writers, poets, and artists of every kind, and French bulldogs were integral to the scene almost since its inception in the mid-to-late 19th century. Most artists, bon vivants, and other denizens of the Paris evening were seen in the company of a Frenchie or kept one as a companion in their small, cold-water flats and lofts. Pet owners of a more artistic bent are known for keeping Frenchies to this day.

3. Frenchies Make Excellent Watchdogs

As they aren’t known to be excessive barkers, Frenchies are natural watchdogs. They tend to be territorial about both their people and their space, and if a strange person or dog is nearby they will alert everyone in their “pack” with a bark. Frenchies rarely bark without reason, so when their ears prick up, and they start barking you better pay attention!

4. Frenchies Are Natural City dogs

They are also the top-ranked breed in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and West Palm Beach.

Due to their small size and reduced need for activity and space, Frenchies love living large in the big city.

5. Frenchies Are Adorable Sleepers

Their smaller nares (nostrils) tend to cause Frenchies to snore in an adorable fashion while sleeping. It can be loud, but they are so cute when they snore it’s hard to find fault with them. If it becomes more serious though, you can easily ask a veterinarian to perform a simple surgical procedure to widen their nares, which alleviates the snoring problem.

6. Frenchies Are Big “Talkers”

They don’t bark much, but Frenchies do make all other sorts of sounds, including snorts, grunts, yips, and a sing-song sort of talking. Many even invent unique noises of their own! The longer you have a Frenchie, the easier it is to understand what these noises mean, and you will find that your Frenchie often enjoys “talking” with you to express needs and seek companionship.

7. Cute, Stubborn and Hard-Headed

Training your French bulldog without a food reward or treat is not recommended. They are going to do what they are going to do regardless of what you say, and it takes significant positive, patient and consistent training for them to learn a behavior. One advantage you have over them is they love food rewards and are more willing try and adopt a behavior if there is a treat in it for them. Keep snacks healthy, and you won’t even need to worry about weight gain from the extra snacks.

8. “The Frenchie 500”

Ever seen a puppy with “the zoomies”? Frenchies never lose that tendency, and regularly run “The Frenchie 500” indoors or outdoors. Typically, they run in circles for the pure joy of it, and with Frenchies limited stamina it typically doesn’t last long. It is truly inspiring to watch though, and it is impossible to feel unhappy with a Frenchie running “The 500” in your living room.

9. Frenchies Are Packed With Personality

If you criticize them, they mope and sulk. If you praise them, they celebrate. If they don’t want to go somewhere, they can become the heaviest 25-pound dog in existence. If they are bored, they will try to play tricks on you and cause mischief with their toys and whatever they can reach to play with.

10. Companionship with unconditional love

There’s never a dull moment with a Frenchie, and having one in your home means you are bringing an emotional and expressive being into your daily life. French Bulldogs love to listen to you when no one has time for you, your Frenchie will.

From these ten reasons, it’s easy to see why Frenchies are getting more popular with individuals looking for a constant companion. If you’re considering getting a Frenchie for your home, be prepared to commit significant time and attention, but know that your French bulldog will repay your attention a hundredfold.