Veterinarian Care for your Bulldog Puppy

Aug 22nd 2021

So, you have made the decision to add a new English Bulldog or French Bulldog to your family. This is a very exciting time. If all of the joy and happiness of finding your new family member, you will want to find a qualified Veterinarian BEFORE bringing a new puppy in your home. Breeders will typically give you a list of Vets that they use locally and will require you to have a “well-baby checkup” by your vet soon after the pup’s arrival at your home.

The Bulldog Club of America is a national organization. Although there are other very good Bulldog veterinarian specialists the BCA has a list on their website of bulldog specialists. As in all professions, there are a few veterinarians that are looking to make extra money (scam) and overcharge the owners of puppies with unneeded exams and costs. Ask a lot of questions.

Try to find a veterinarian that has experience with Bulldogs and Frenchies. They will be better at identifying issues that are happening and take preventative care.

On your first vet visit take along the puppy’s immunization record, any worming information and a stool sample (in a Ziploc bag will be fine). Do NOT set your English bulldog pup down on the floor at the vet office and do not let other pets or people in the office approach and/or touch the pup. Many are there because they are sick and have yet to see the vet for diagnosis.

If you would like a veterinarian referral in north Texas, we would be happy to provide you with that. Right now, Hooves and Paws Animal Hospital has been our go to place. They are experts on our Bulldogs and Frenchies and always available for advice when needed.