What are the unique qualities of the Bulldog dog breed?

What are the unique qualities of the Bulldog dog breed?

Posted by Mandi on Jun 19th 2019

As reported by the AKC, French Bulldogs are the fourth most popular dog breed on the planet. You can find these unique and adorable dogs everywhere these days from your neighbourhood and local park to Facebook and Instagram. You could say that this breed has gained a noticeable amount of celebrity over the past few years, and we can only expect to see this breed become even more popular.

French bulldogs are not only unique and incredibly recognizable in look, but also in personality, which leads us to why these pups have undoubtedly become one of the most popular breeds in the country.

Size, Weight, and Build

French Bulldogs come in a wonderful compact package, which makes them great for small homes and apartments. They don’t need as much room as larger, more active dog breeds to make them happy.

Male and female Frenchies will stand at 11-12 inches tall and are normally healthy at a weight of 25-30 pounds. Even though they are a small breed, they tend to have a stocky, muscular build and internally rotated or bowed legs that can make them look like a weightlifter or bodybuilder. French Bulldogs were bred to be small companions and lap dogs, which make them more comfortable with and in smaller living environments.

Face and Ears

Some of the most notable features about French Bulldogs are their face and nose. They have ears that stick straight up, looking somewhat similar to bat ears or that of a rabbit. Like other bulldog breeds, French Bulldogs also have smashed or brachycephalic faces. This is an adorable, unique quality, but does make this breed vulnerable to breathing problems. For this reason, they can often snore very loudly.


Since these dogs were bred to be lap dogs, they make for great indoor breeds that don’t need ample amounts of exercise or playtime as more active breeds or working breeds require. To keep your Frenchie healthy you, you should make sure that they get up to 20 minutes of physical activity daily.

General Personality and Demeanor

Aside from the cute and uncommon physical traits of French Bulldogs, people love them for their personalities. French Bulldogs are normally incredibly warm and affectionate. They love human attention and affection and are going to try to get as much of that as they can from. They are not a breed that barks a lot unless they happen to get excited while playing.

Overall, Frenchies are a popular, adorable, and unique breed of dog. They are great for small homes and apartments and love sitting in your lap and taking it easy at home. Their physical traits along with their fun and affectionate personalities have made them some of the most popular, loved, and sought-after dogs in the country.