What food should you avoid giving a French Bulldog?

What food should you avoid giving a French Bulldog?

Posted by Mandi on Jun 19th 2019

While one may think that bulldog breeds would not be subject to many dietary limitations, these breeds actually do. French bulldogs, as well as other bulldog breeds, are prone to developing specific diseases and disorders that can be exacerbated when consuming harmful foods.

To make sure that they are as healthy and safe as possible, there are certain foods that you should avoid feeding your French Bulldog, to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. French Bulldogs share many of the same dietary restrictions as other dog breeds, but there are certain exceptions that you should look out for.

1) Excessive Amounts of Protein

French Bulldogs do require protein for growth and development as pups and as full-grown dogs, but they do not need near as much protein as other dog breeds. Bulldog pups grow very quickly and do not need excessive amounts of protein to do so. In fact, overfeeding protein to your French Bulldog puppy while they are growing can negatively affect their musculoskeletal system.

French Bulldogs can also be prone to have kidney stones if they have too much protein in their diet. Additionally, the overconsumption of protein can cause your French Bulldog to convert those proteins into fats and stored carbohydrates. Since many bulldog breeds gain weight readily, maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult. For that reason, it is best that you moderate their protein consumption.

2) Chocolate

Chocolate is a big no-no for all dog breeds, and should not be fed to your French Bulldog. The toxicity of chocolate and the symptoms that your dog would have after eating chocolate are directly related to the weight and size of your dog. Because French Bulldogs are a relatively smaller breed, just a few bites of a bar of chocolate can be toxic. To make sure that your pup is safe and does not develop a taste for this sweet treat, make sure that you keep it out of reach.

3) Caffeine

Much like chocolate can be harmful in smaller doses to smaller dogs, so can caffeine. Caffeine consumption can leave your bulldog's heart racing, and even cause.

- Vomiting - Heart palpitations - Seizures - Your dog to pass out or collapse

It is not just drinking coffee or tea that can be harmful to your dog. Eating coffee grounds or loose tea can be toxic for them, and cause the same symptoms listed above. Make sure that you keep your coffee and tea in a high, contained place where your french bulldog can’t get to them.

4) Grapes and Raisins

Research is still unclear as to why grapes and raisins are harmful and toxic to dogs, but we are sure that they do elicit some unpleasant, harmful side-effects. The great news is that there are plenty of fruits that are totally safe for your french bulldog to eat, including.

- Apples - Bananas - Berries - Sweet potatoes - Mango - And cantaloupe

Stick to these fruits and avoid the grapes and raisins.

5) Garlic and Onions

Garlic and onions both contain disulfides and sulfoxides that are safe for humans, but can be really harmful to your french bulldog.

What if these foods are cooked?

Unfortunately, cooking with garlic or onions do not dilute these chemicals, and they are present in every form, even dehydrated onion or garlic powder.

6) Alcohol

This is another one that is toxic for all dogs and can be particularly harmful to your French Bulldog. Dogs are very sensitive to alcohol, and with being a smaller breed, even a sip out of a drink that was left out or a bite of unattended rum cake can go straight to your French Bulldog’s bloodstream.

Smaller cases of consumption this can lead to dehydration and vomiting, and in severe cases alcohol consumption that can cause death. Under no circumstance should your French Bulldog consume alcohol.


If your French Bulldog would consume any of these foods, especially in excess, and start acting strange or have some of the visible symptoms mentioned above, you should contact your veterinarian or get them to an emergency vet clinic immediately.